Feeling Dumb? Take the Super Ezzy Challenge

The Reddit community is generally made up of people who marvel at their own smarts and kids whose entire wardrobe consists exclusively of graphic T-shirts. And for some reason, they also like creating little comics with illustrations like these:







Watching MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show last night, you’d think WaPo‘s Ezra Klein is a budding member of the community. While guest-hosting, he filled one of the requirements in a segment on global warming. He used this geeky graphic, found on Reddit, to explain the difference between Iceland and Greenland.

Then, in a separate segment smugly titled “Ezra Klein Challenge,” Klein challenged himself to marvel at his own smarts by testing whether he could explain in three minutes what it would mean for the government to “break up” large financial institutions. With three seconds left on the clock, Klein won his own game show. “Three seconds left, ta-da!,” Klein said with a smile usually reserved for children who just learned to tell time.

Full disclosure: FBDC has been known to use its own Reddit-esque graphic from time to time. But we don’t own any graphic Ts.