Ezra Klein is Not a Member of Vampire Weekend

That Hollywood "groove" turned out to be contagious

However, for a brief time today, the editor-in-chief of vox.com got as close as he ever will.


The correction above [click to enlarge] was added to New York Times LA bureau chief Adam Nagourney’s article about the revitalization of Hollywood. It is, as much as anything, a reminder of the power of reader comments as that appears to be how editors became originally aware:

Carla Charlton Portland, OR
Do you mean Ezra Koenig of the band Vampire Weekend?

It’s actually very easy, while writing a blog post or newspaper article, to blank on a proper first or last name and substitute the wrong one without realizing. And in this particular case, since it was such a minor article detail, it’s easy to imagine how it might have escaped notice.

Both Ezras have substantial Twitter followings. At press time, the Vampire one had chimed in, replying to BuzzFeed’s executive editor, culture Doree Shafrir.