Ezra Klein Is About to Leave the Washington Post

ezra_klein_2_0Flacks, notify Cision and Vocus. Interns, update the databases. This one is going to hurt a little.

For those not in the know about reporters, writers and journos as a whole, Ezra Klein is a pretty big deal. (Due to respect to Ron Burgundy, of course.) In fact, some would argue along the Beltway that his pet project, Wonkblog, is the sole reason Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com fame even had a paper to purchase in the first place.

According to several reports, Klein is about tell Bezos to place his position at WaPo on Amazon, because he is interested in seeking “an eight-figure investment” for a project that would be “a new website dedicated to explanatory journalism on a wide range of topics beyond political policy.”

Why can’t Daddy Warbucks pay eight figures to keep that guy?

Klein reportedly had no intention of leaving his cushy gig as star blogger, TV analyst and overall subscription numbers chieftain at WaPo, but as any cub reporters would do, he wants more for his career. Based on those same reports, Klein approached Katharine Weymouth, the Post’s publisher, in recent weeks about expanding WonkBlog in the aforementioned separate website for all things politics.

Weymouth called Bezos, and both put the kibosh on the deal. There’s no confirmation on Klein declaring, “Do you people know just who the hell I am?” However, it wouldn’t surprise me. The Times reports that the “atmosphere is civilized” inside the Post but that relations between Klein and his bosses has resulted in some “awkwardness” between them.

In other words, “Mazel Tov” to Klein in his future endeavors, and congrats to Bezos on that new direct mail campaign asking subscribers to stick around for great political diatribe from some guy named Dave. Huzzah.