Ezra Discovers a “New” Meaning to Wonk

Ezra Klein’s je ne sais quoi never ceases to amaze us here in the Fishbowl. Approximately one hour ago, the lead Boy Bander and liberal WaPo blogger chose to share this incredible insight with the rest of us. Well, not us us since he’s blocked us, but a trusty FBDC reader who alerted us.

In a tweet, he writes, “A reader e-mailed to inform me that ‘wonk’ spelled backwards is ‘know.’ I like that.”

DC Debbie (dare we ask who she is) gets on his case, writing, “@ezraklein re: wonk and know. If you rode the DC metro you would know that… it’s a huge ad campaign.” Debbie is a self-described “do-gooder, do-badder, cleavage-exposer, homo-lover.”

But my personal favorite reaction comes from Randall Hoven, a retired Boeing tech fellow, who writes, “Ezra” spelled backwards is ‘arze.’ I like that.”

We’re giving Ezzy a gold star for this one.