EyeMusic App Helps Blind Users Visualize the World Through Music

Apps are typically used as entertainment tools, but there are rare diamonds in the bunch that can do miracles, like, helping the blind to see. EyeMusic does this exactly. The app uses a camera interface to convert images into soundscapes – or music, if you’re poetic.

The vision-impaired user uses this audio information to “see” the world. It’s a sensory substitution device, and it works by  training the brain to “read” the world through audio information. In the video below, you can see a demonstration of the EyeMusic where a user identifies a read apple from a plate of green ones.

About the project:

By using both veteran sensory substitution devices such as The vOICe (Meijer 1992), and novel devices such as the new EyeCane and EyeMusic developed in our lab, our group of blind and sighted volunteers are learning to interact with visual information through other senses. They are facing fascinating challenges such as learning to read, to identify,locate and grasp objects and more. They are learning to use the advantages of each device, such as the high resolution of The vOICe, the pleasant soundscapes of the EyeMusic and the depth information of the EyeCane.


 You can download an iOS version of the app in the iTunes store.