Eyeblaster’s MediaMind Makes an Impression

NEW YORK Eyeblaster this week is introducing a new ad server platform called MediaMind that the company claims can help boost efficiency across digital campaign management.

At least one shop that has been beta-testing MediaMind for the last three months, Doner in Southfield, Mich., reported an increase in efficiency. “In our Eyeblaster beta, we saw a 30 percent efficiency improvement in digital media campaign management,” said Greg Clausen, evp and chief media officer at Doner. “We believe it will give clients a competitive advantage.”

The program allows agencies to run their digital campaigns through a single tool rather than loading campaigns into multiple sites, search engines and other media channels. MediaMind also provides actionable analytics, open work flow and streamlined ad serving.

“It makes it a lot easier for us to quickly make changes, to understand what is working, what’s not and even quickly get campaigns up and running,” said Todd Riley, svp, digital media and integrated strategies at Doner.

The agency used MediaMind to manage a digital coupon campaign for a retailer and found that downloads increased as it worked with the tool to analyze the effectiveness of the campaign. “The message becomes so relevant because we can optimize, copy, graphics, the color,” said Riley. “It allows us to tweak the ad to the point where it is driving those coupon downloads at a higher and higher rate.”

About 20 agencies were involved in the first round of beta testing, said Eyeblaster. By mid-October, the company expects 60 shops to adopt the ad server tool.