Exxon Mobil CEO Is All for Fracking, But Not in His Backyard

rex-tillersonExxon Mobil‘s website assures the public that when hydraulic fracturing (fracking) takes place, “Throughout the entire unconventional gas life cycle – from exploration to decommissioning – care is taken to minimize the disruption to the community and protect the environment.”

So, there should be no reason for anyone to fear or protest against fracking taking place near their homes, right? Right! Unless, of course, you’re Exxon Mobil’s Chairman and CEO Rex Tillerson.

Tillerson has joined a lawsuit to halt the construction of a water tower that could be used in the fracking process near his 18-acre Texas homestead. The lawsuit argues that the project would create “a noise nuisance and traffic hazards.”

But according to the Exxon Mobil site, such noise and traffic concerns are tantamount to non-issues:

“To minimize traffic disruptions, trucks used to carry equipment and hydraulic fracturing fluids are required to use designated routes during specified hours of the day and week. Though the noise levels from the site may be low, acoustic barriers may be installed around the perimeter of the area to reduce nuisance sound levels even further. Once an unconventional gas well is producing, there is no detectable sound from the operation.”

This is such a clear-cut example of the “not in my backyard” stereotype, it would be laughable if it weren’t so blatantly hypocritical. We can only imagine how the oil company’s PR pros are feeling right now after having all of their delicately and deftly-worded placation efforts so publicly undermined.