Extreme Makeover: The Hill Edition

The Hill this week announced the relaunch of its revamped and redesigned website, increasing readability and interactivity for users and advertisers. The new and improved website, whose redesign was led by HyperGraphics Design, looks bigger, cleaner, and is easier to use and navigate.

So what all has changed?

Some of the new features that visitors can expect include:

  • Streamlined design and dynamic homepage to feature breaking stories
  • Richer integration of photography, video, interactive elements and ads
  • Increased social media integration
  • Better tablet support
  • Dynamic personalized menus that changed based on viewing habits and an article suggestion slider
  • Topics / people pages and tagging, including a new section called PEOPLE, which includes bios, The Hill’s recent relevant news and links to social media pages for members of Congress and other notable figures
  • New multimedia with full slideshow functionality for stories and annual features such as Watch List, 50 Wealthiest, 50 Most Beautiful
  • Extensive video including streaming video events
  • Extensive events section

“The new website unlocks a host of possibilities for further enhancing the depth of our editorial,” says Hugo Gurdon, editor-in-chief, The Hill. “Keeping up with news from The Hill will now be easier and more interactive than ever.”

Check out the redesign for yourself! Or you can just check out the screenshot below.


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