Extramarital Site Praises Newt for Wicked Ways

GOP Presidential candidates don’t just have to face attacks in the form of hit pieces, attack ads, sexual harassment accusers and pundits who regularly kill and revive the hopefuls. Now at least one candidate must face a billboard that praises him for his cheating heart. Yes, praises.

Reads the release: “Pennsylvania motorists heading south on Route 1 may have a hard time keeping their eyes on the road today thanks to the billboard erected near the sleepy town of Morrisville. The ad features a photograph of Gingrich alongside the quip, ‘Faithful Republican, Unfaithful Husband. Welcome to the Ashleymadison.com Era.'”

“Now that Newt is the leading contender in the race for the GOP nomination, we felt compelled to make a point to illustrate how times have changed when a serial divorcee/adulterer is capturing the hearts of the American people,” says Noel Biderman, founder and CEO, premier online affair service Ashleymadison.com.

The billboard serves as an unlikely “endorsement” for the former House Speaker, who incidentally has been married three times. Biderman says “Gingrich proves that marital fidelity has no bearing on someone’s ability to do a job. Rather than judge him, Americans have finally embraced the reality that affairs are commonplace, and perhaps paradoxically, might be an indication of great leadership to come.  He is not the first nor last politician who will step outside of their marriage.”

Ashleymadison.com bills itself as the “world’s premier extramarital dating site with over 12 million members in 17 countries.”