Extensive Plagiarism at the Glendale News-Press

Back in September, editors at the Glendale News-Press noticed that education columnist Dan Kimber’s Sept. 9, 2011 column in the paper had largely been plagiarized from OtherWords columnist Sam Pizzigati. Kimber came clean and his column was discontinued.

Since that time, the News-Press has reviewed all of Kimber’s columns from the past two years. They discovered that nearly 20 percent of all Kimber’s pieces contained elements of plagiarism.

From the News-Press:

The amount taken in each instance varied, from a few sentences to nearly the entire column.

News-Press guidelines are explicit about properly identifying and citing our sources. Trust is the backbone of this paper’s reputation.

Editing safeguards have been put in place to help prevent this from occurring in the future.

Tough blow for one of the few papers that’s actually been hiring recently in the LA area. Hopefully this incident doesn’t set back the paper’s growth.

H/T LA Observed