Exposed Friends, Fans and FBML on This Week’s Top Facebook Apps by Daily Active Users

This week’s AppData list of top gaining apps by daily active users has some interesting entries. A pair of quiz apps show up near the top, while a mix of utilities and games fill out the rest of the chart. Also notable: there are few apps that carried over from last week. The list is below.

Top Gainers This Week

NameDAUGain↓Gain, %
1.icon Zoo World2,587,470+579,709+22.40
2.icon Social Interview1,081,799+407,455+37.66
3.icon Calendario de Amigos586,885+363,158+61.88
4.icon Friends Exposed1,422,523+330,651+23.24
5.icon Bejeweled Blitz3,018,298+211,313+7.00
6.icon My City Life201,903+190,629+94.42
7.icon My Top Fans262,268+175,371+66.87
8.icon 開心寶貝476,028+150,155+31.54
9.icon My Town499,451+113,418+22.71
10.icon Static FBML791,848+112,910+14.26
11.icon Happy Island2,919,892+96,184+3.29
12.icon Mafia Wars6,712,908+81,514+1.21
13.icon Medical Mayhem271,704+78,457+28.88
14.icon (Lil) Farm Life998,748+72,478+7.26
15.icon Frases Diarias275,282+65,909+23.94
16.icon Birthday Calendar298,660+64,637+21.64
17.icon FamilyLink.com886,622+64,052+7.22
18.icon Gangster City220,909+62,673+28.37
19.icon מראה מראה שעל הקיר68,110+60,132+88.29
20.icon Go to Hell59,269+58,680+99.01

Social Interview and Friends Exposed show up as a pair; just a few weeks ago, we mentioned the two in a post looking at the success of FE.

Despite its appearance here, SI appears to be continuing a long-term decline, while FE has climbed a bit in both daily and monthly users; its mechanic of posting quiz answers to friends’ walls appears to keep the growth going. Bejeweled Blitz is losing monthly users, but converting more of its existing players to daily use. We discuss it and the other games at Inside Social Games.

After it comes My Top Fans, a social graph analyzer that tells you who you share with most. Fairly new, this app saw its DAU nosedive early last month, but it’s rising again — possibly a combination of a (slightly) improved algorithm and more promotion.

And to wrap up, there’s Static FBML, coming in at number nine. This app for creating custom HTML on Pages has climbed steadily for several weeks. It’s becoming popular because Facebook counts clicking on an app tab on a Page as engaging with an application, they tell us. As a side note, each time we check, more of the comments and reviews are in Turkish.