How To Self-Publish with Barnes & Noble’s NOOK Press: Video Tutorial

Barnes & Noble has launched a new self-publishing program called NOOK Press. Independent authors who used the bookseller’s PubIt! platform need to switch to the new platform.

If you want to see what sign-up entails, watch the video embedded above–you can follow the same sign up process at the NOOK Press sign up page. In the video embedded below, you can watch the new set of editorial tools in action. Here’s more from the release:

The “Quick Start” option lets writers try out the tools before they commit to becoming a vendor, all they need to sign up is an e-mail address … Easy ePub Creation and Editing: With new content creation tools, authors can easily upload a manuscript just once, then continue to write and edit directly within NOOK Press, quickly and easily turning their work into a professional-quality ePub file. Integrated Collaboration: NOOK Press allows authors to safely and quickly invite their network of friends and editors to read and comment on any NOOK Press project in a secure environment.