Explore Hash Tags with Eye-C

Twitter has popularized the sharing of information in 140 character snippets and that planted the seeds for what became known as the hash tag. Hash tags are used in Twitter to make it easy for someone to search for information on a particular topic. Eye-C is a new smartphone app that uses hash tags to search for videos and photos and across Facebook, YouTube, and Picassa.

When you first start Eye-C you see a timeline of tags shared by other users. At the bottom of the screen you see a play button, which you can tap to start playing the videos or photos shown in the timeline, or you can scroll through the timeline and select an individual item to play.

Users add items to the timeline by browsing sources like YouTube within the Eye-C app and tagging them, which shares them in the timeline. Eye-C is effectively an alternate way for browsing and searching content in YouTube and Picasa. If you provide Eye-C with access to your Facebook account you can also use it to browse photos or videos in your news stream.

You also can use Eye-C to search for content, either by entering a hash tag or any other search term. The search results will be populated with videos and photos from YouTube and Picasa, which you can then view. If you search for a hash tag, and other Eye-C users shared items using that tag, the app will generate a tag list, which you can treat like a playlist to watch the items sequentially.

Ironically, while Eye-C is using the hash tag concept born on Twitter, it does not have any integration with Twitter to pull video or photos posted on that service that have an associated hash tag. The developers of Eye-C say that Twitter integration will come in a future version of the app. If you are interested in trying Eye-C you will find it for free in both the Android Market and the iTunes App Store.