Explore, Connect and Share Your Moods at LinkMood

If you’re idea of communicating with friends or meeting new friends is through sharing of your moods. Or if finding “like-mooded” people through a social network appeals to you, then you might find LinkMood interesting and fun too.

LinkMood is an online communication tool, a social network or a social bookmarking tool that takes people’s mood as a basis for creating a community of people binded by common moods. It’s a pretty simple site for meeting up with friends, expressing one’s self and hopefully somewhere along the way you’d encounter people who share the same moods as you – emphatize with each other and then build friendship as a consequence of that one time mood sharing encounter.

As a LinkMood social tool, you’d find a lot of people with varying moods at LinkMood. You can find energetic, lethargic, enthusiastic, sad, exhubirantly happy and many more types of people. You can find the latest, the most popular or the most commented mood shared by members. When you share and post about your current mood, other members can comment on it. And there would start the conversation and the interaction. You can also find people in LinkMood based on how popular they are in the network.

As varied and as dynamic people’s mood are, LinkMood should be a pretty active community. Once it manage to build enough interest, its vibrancy would be its ticket to success and becoming a viral site.

So, whether you are energetic, estatic, sad and lonely, happy, overjoyed or what have-you, you’ll certainly have a spot to fill in LinkMood.