Exploiting Speer Jr. (or Are We Just Overly Sensitive?)


We don’t want to cry foul here, because we’re big fans of what they do over at the Telegraph, but if you’re going to write a story about Albert Speer Jr., one the biggest architects around, landing a job to rebuild a stadium in Berlin, as well as how he doesn’t want to be referred to as “his father’s son,” then why would you have your story’s title be as ominous as “Nazi Architect Son’s Plan for Berlin”? Just seems like you’ve got a lot more going on in this story, from maybe talking about some of the details behind his design plans, to who built the original sports complex and why it needs revising, to Speer Jr. overcoming his own last name, beyond just a small, short quote? We understand space requirements in a newspaper and that you’re writing to sell copies, but still, as it is now, it feels like it’s just kind of trying a little too hard in exploiting the situation, leading a reader who doesn’t know of Speer Jr.’s legacy to possibly leave thinking, “Wow, that’s kinda spooky.” Then again, we’ve been following this stupid Obama-Clinton stuff night and day, so we’re probably just overly sensitive and reading way too much into things. We apologize in advance if that happens to be the case.