Enhance Your Writing Career By Becoming An Expert

Becoming a freelancer after working a traditional 9-to-5 job can be daunting. One way to make your life easier (and hopefully score more job opportunities) is to narrow your writing down to a specific topic.

Although you may be tempted to write about any random subject that pops in your mind (hey, you’ve got bills to pay), the experts advise against this tactic. Instead, find your specialty, and try to branch out within that:

Whether you’re a new freelancer or an established one, you may already gravitate toward a specific subject or two. Focus on a topic you’re truly interested in, and the writing will come naturally. Don’t worry about markets just yet. There are paying markets for every niche, and you’ll land those gigs if your work is strong. Reaching out across social media can boost your presence and reliability as an expert in a specific field.

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