Expect 1.1 Billion Android Users in 2014

Samsung ChromebookAndroid’s hot streak continues. Research and advisory firm Gartner predicts that Google’s Android operating system will reach 1.1 billion users this year, a 26 percent jump from 2013. It will dominate across all devices, the company said.

Gartner predicted Windows will capture a 360 million user base across devices, including PCs and mobile phones. Apple’s iOS will jump up to 344 million from 267 million in 2013.

More than three-quarters of Android’s base will come from emerging markets by 2017, the report said.

Shipments of devices — PCs, tablets, mobile phones and ultramobiles like Chromebooks — will reach 2.5 billion units by the end of the year, about an 8 percent increase from last year.

Mobile phones will outpace other device shipments in 2014 with 1.9 billion units sold, while tablets and other mobile “hybrids” will drive the most growth for the category. PC sales will continue to decline.