Expanding Romney Mansion Story Takes Off

The San Diego Union-Tribune scored a huge coup over the weekend with its story about Mitt Romney’s expanding San Diego mega-mansion. Romney wants to quadruple the size of his family’s $12 million house. Because, at 3,009-square-feet, it was “inadequate for their needs.”

Naturally, every snarky blog in the universe picked up on the story. Way to be in touch with the prevailing zeitgeist of thrift, buddy. See, it’s OK to be a rich asshole in politics. But you just can’t show it off. Especially in hoity toity spots like La Jolla. Otherwise it looks weird when you call teachers and their unions greedy.

The inevitable next week of ridicule should help ensure that the GOP nominates one of its most horrific media-fed vampires to go up against Obama in 2012.

See you on the Daily Show tonight, Mitt.