Twitter Partners With 2,000 Brands For Even More Expanded Tweets

Over the summer, Twitter announced that it would be working with select partners to create expanded tweets – tweets that display rich content, such as embedded videos or articles, when clicked on.

And now you have yet another reason to never, ever leave Twitter for your content needs: over 2,000 more brands and companies have signed on to offer expanded tweets.

Announced on the Twitter blog on Thursday, these new expanded tweets now let users interact with content right on in a variety of ways.

For example, Twitter has partnered with Amazon and now shows product information within a tweet, including description, prices, ratings, reviews and even the @username of the seller.

Another high-profile business offering expanded tweets is CNN, which has been embedding video about the presidential race into some of its tweets, as well as live statistics and reactions to the debates.

Other types of expanded tweets include previews of songs, the ability to “Like” or share something right from within a tweet, real-time weather updates, photo albums, movie trailers, and much more.

All of this interactivity works on, Twitter’s mobile site, as well as Twitter’s mobile apps.

The company is clearly trying to give its users more reasons not to click away from its site. The more content that is available directly on and its apps, the more time users will spend on the site – and ultimately the more ads they’ll see, earning the company even more revenue.

Of course, expandable tweets are a good thing for users, too, not just Twitter’s bottom line. They make the Twitter experience richer.

Have you noticed more expandable tweets in your timeline? Are they useful to you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

(Fat blue bird image via Shutterstock)