Expand Your Reach On Facebook With Like Targeting

Offer your fans a reward for helping grow your page's like count to a certain number, a tactic also known as like targeting.

While engaging with your customers is the top priority for all brands with a presence on Facebook, growing your page’s like count is also important.

One of the best expand your reach: Offer fans rewards for helping grow your page’s like count to a certain number, a tactic known as like targeting

Who Should Do This?

Because they depend heavily on fan involvement, like targeting promotions work best on Facebook pages that are already well-established with an engaged and receptive audience.

Driving fans towards a like total in exchange for a reward, particularly if that is a discount, works best on Facebook pages where the brand has something to sell, preferably via an online store.

Because these kinds of promotions depend so heavily on fan involvement and building a sense of urgency, try to limit your use of like targeting to one to two times per year for smaller pages, and possibly every other year for larger Facebook communities.

New pages or those with a low number of existing likes should first grow their communities by purchasing advertisements, including ads that are priced based on the number of people who click on the promotions.

The Promotion

Decide on the number of likes to be targeted and how long the promotion will last.

These are both key factors — a small number of likes can obviously be realized in a shorter period of time, but might be unsatisfying for all concerned, while promotions that go on too long (or indefinitely) won’t hold the interest of your community.

Both the marketer and fans want this to succeed — the latter want the prize, and the former wants the boost in community size (and to avoid getting egg on the face). So you want to set realistic goals: Choose a reasonable number of likes and a timeframe that’s urgent yet achievable.

For example, a page with 3,000 existing fans might aim for 5,000 likes in 10 to 14 days. That same page could also target 10,000 likes in a month, but 25,000 likes over two to three months would be unadvisable.

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