eXiled Editor Yasha Levine Arrested While Covering OccupyLA Raid

eXiled editor Yasha Levine was arrested late Monday night while covering the Los Angeles Police Department’s purge of the Occupy Los Angeles encampment at City Hall. As we wrote yesterday, any journalist who attempted to report from inside the police cordon during the crackdown–where the real action was taking place–was threatened with arrest by the LAPD. Levine, who also writes for The Nation and has appeared on Dylan Ratigan’s MSNBC show, is definitely the type of journalist to take such risks. He clearly paid the price.

From The eXiled:

Exiled editor Yasha Levine was arrested late last night during the savage and unconstitutional police crackdown on Occupy LA. We call on the police and authorities to release Yasha, and release all protesters and media illegally arrested at the Occupy LA encampment and illegally imprisoned merely for exercising constitutionally-guaranteed rights. (Update: Latest word is that Yasha is going to have to spend another night in the Los Angeles County jail, and will be brought before a judge tomorrow and hopefully released, as bail is currently set at an incredible $5,000.) …

The irony of the LAPD arresting Yasha Levine–a political refugee from Soviet totalitarianism– for the crime of reporting on a demonstration against oligarchy power, a demonstration protected by the Constitution, reveals again just how depraved and corrupted America has become.

Yasha Levine emigrated from Soviet Russia to the United States just over two decades ago with his parents and siblings–they came here as political refugees from the Soviet Union police state, where political dissent and critical journalism were not tolerated. And now he’s sitting in a Los Angeles prison for the same crime he’d have been imprisoned for back in the Soviet Union.

We’ll update as more info comes in.