Execution Labs announces ‘internal track’ for support of indie mobile developers

Execution Labs, hybrid incubator and accelerator for indie mobile game developers, today announced an expansion to its platform, which now allows developers to remain with Execution internally, even after their games have been published. Applications are now being accepted for this second cohort of indie game teams.

Execution Labs will continue to offers its original development program to developers, which sees them gaining funding, office space, marketing and analytics support, development tools and more during the development of their mobile product. However, instead of all developers leaving to operate their studios independently once they complete the program, this new expansion will allow developers to remain internal, retaining the support from Execution Labs, while also being able to work on new projects.

Internal developers receive 30 percent of the net revenues their games generate, in exchange for the services provided by Execution Labs. The developers will continue to receive support for their games, but won’t have to deal with the administrative duties associated with running their own independent studios.

Execution Labs already has its first internal team in Pixel Crucible, which is set to launch its first game, MacGuffin Quest [pictured at top], on iOS this month.

“Remaining at Execution Labs as an internal team makes perfect sense for us,” said Pixel Crucible Team Lead Remi Lavoie, in a company statement. “We can continue working on MacGuffin Quest and begin production of our next game while getting support from the Labs. Having in-house analytics, marketing support, and a steady stream of amazing mentors is incredibly valuable.”

Execution Labs announced its convertible note program in July, allowing new game development companies to receive the funding they need to survive until they create their own sustainable revenue streams or raise additional funding on their own.

Teams interested in applying for Execution Labs are encouraged to visit the company’s website.

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