Exclusive: WFAN’s Peter Schwartz Hosting Weekly Sports Webcast on Sportce.com

Peter Schwartz needs no introduction to sports fans. Since 2009 he has been prominently heard on WFAN providing updates and as the station’s New York Jets beat reporter since last season.  

Schwartz also is an update anchor on Sirius XM Radio for the NFL, Mad Dog (Chris Russo), and Fantasy channels.

But, at both organizations, Schwartz is a part-timer.

So when opportunities arise, he is ready to pounce.

Schwartz (seen here covering Super Bowl XLV for WFAN) is keeping his Tuesday nights free to host a show for newly developed website Sportce.com (Sport Content and Entertainment). Initially, Schwartz will give the program 30-minute of his sports knowledge and rolodex.

“I’d like the show to be a mix of the major sports and the minor sports,” Schwartz tells FishbowlNY exclusively. “I believe that the secondary sports, the alternative sports, deserve a place to be spoken about.”

Ultimately, Schwartz says the show may expand to one hour. 

He’ll begin mixing up his sports topics and guests on March 29 at 8 p.m.

“It’s always good to get involved in something from the ground floor, because you never know where it’s gonna go,” Schwartz says. 

Therefore, Schwartz has the chance to be part of something special.

“It’s my show and I can do with it what I want,” Schwartz says. “I want to try and make it not as stuffy as sports talk shows can be sometimes.”

For example, Schwartz is instituting a relaxed feel—no shirt and tie. 

The show will be done live (allowing a segment with callers) and archived for future viewing.

Yes, viewing. This isn’t “your father’s website.” There is full video streaming on all Sportce.com shows.

Sportce will bring guests three options for participating in the program: in-person, via Skype, or with a traditional phone call.

As Schwartz preps for his first show, he doesn’t look at this as a juggling act with WFAN and Sirius.

“It’s not a conflict,” Schwartz says. “I work at the ‘FAN on weekends.”

This marks Schwartz’s first on-air hosting since he was at ESPN 1050 (WEPN) in the last decade.

As with WFAN and Sirius, Sportce is located in Manhattan.

“I’m just very excited I get the chance to do something different as opposed to what I do with Sirius and ‘FAN.”

Schwartz would be kept busier at the ‘FAN, but the recent NFL lockout has cut into his Jets reporting. As for Sirius, he has one steady shift each week plus filling in at other times.

Schwartz stuck his foot in the Sportce pool, co-hosting the NFL Alumni Awards with friend and company staffer Michael Artsis. 

“Everything went well,” Schwartz says. “And they approached me about doing a show.”

This time, though, Schwartz is flying solo with the hosting duties. But the veteran sportscaster needed a name for his new venture.

“It just dawned on me that my blog on WFAN is Schwartz on Sports. So we just decided to use that,” Schwartz says. (Adjusted for the website—Schwartz on Sportce is the official spelling.)

Being that the show is available nationally online, Schwartz is mindful of his new, larger audience.

“I have to be careful not to go too overboard with the New York-based guests,” Schwarts says. 

Although Schwartz would entertain more work with Sportce, he is happy with his current situation.

“’FAN’s been great to me. When I got hired I was told I was only basically doing overnight updates,” Schwartz recalls. “And right from the get go I started getting other shifts.”

He can’t envision leaving either organization to work exclusively for Sportce.

“I don’t know what the future holds, but for the moment it’s just another opportunity that fits into my schedule that I can do,” Schwartz says.

With his tight schedule, Schwartz chose Tuesday nights for his show since most NFL teams and players have that night off (once the lockout ends).

Ever the family man, though, Schwartz knows it’s not always easy for his wife and two young sons.

“It’s tough. It’s tough,” Schwartz admits. “The whole scheduling factor is tough with a family because you want to try and balance work and your family life.”