Exclusive: W3i partners with HasOffers, accurately track which ad networks drove app installs with MobileAppTracking

Monetization and user acquisition provider W3i announced that it has partnered with affiliate marketing company HasOffers. More specifically, W3i will be integrated into HasOffers’ third-party tracking service MobileAppTracking, which allows app developers to track ad networks, and see exactly which network, like W3i, resulted in acquiring users, for example.

“We were first to market in this category and really serve to equip advertisers to work with whatever distribution partners they want, however they want,” says HasOffers CEO Peter Hamilton. “We do not use their data for any sort of retargeting or separate ad network monetization. We simply charge as a software as a service model to the advertiser or app owner.”

With the MobileAppTracking product, mobile app developers can essentially figure out which ads are working or not. Cookie tracking, which is how web advertisers effectively reach its target audience, is limited on mobile, making it more difficult for app developers to track app installs and determine their cost per install (CPI). Without accurate tracking, app developers can’t attribute app installs back to an ad network or publisher responsible for driving a download. With the use of device fingerprinting, which allows the identification of a user or device without cookie tracking, MobileAppTracking can determine which user installed a developer’s app after clicking an ad and where they came from.

Essentially, mobile app advertisers can now follow their app marketing performance in detail, thus getting the most out of their budget by putting their money in the right places as well as track the lifetime value (LTV) of a customer they acquire.

Hamilton says W3i went the extra mile to reconcile their findings with HasOffers’ to provide mobile app advertisers with the most insight possible in real-time. Services that W3i offers its customers include an offer exchange, freemium game expertise and advanced ad optimization technology which includes A/B testing, heat-mapping and predictive analytics.

“Online advertising is about relationships, and we simply work to help those relationships grow through transparency in technology,” he says.

Mobile app developers generally work with more than one ad network to promote their app to generate installs and acquire users, so MobileAppTracking supports more than 85 ad networks like Tapjoy, Mojiva, InMobi and now W3i.

Customers can track anything such as distribution partners like ad networks, publishers, and affiliates, or by tutorial completions, which countries performed best and more.

App developers can install the MobileAppTracking SDK into their iOS or Android app, choose the publishers they work with and use the tracking link generated in their campaigns, which serves as the destination URL.