Exclusive: mySpace produces its first out-of-nowhere star

Breaking news: mySpace is now officially the farm team for Fox Atomic and Fox Broadcasting.

FishbowlLA has learned that Fox Atomic is negotiating with David Lehre, a 21 year old kid whose short film, (11 minutes) “mySpace: The Movie” shot him out of osbscurity in the hinterlands of Michigan to meetings with studios and networks.

Our sources tell us that Lehre, (pronounced ‘Lear’) is in negotiations with Fox Atomic, the new genre label aimed squarely at the teen and twentysomthing hipster set to direct his own script, while Fox Broadcasting capo Peter Liquori is also in talks with Lehre about setting up a sketch comedy show on Fox in which Lehre could both write and perform.

You know, this might well be the first instance of corporate synergy actually working: mySpace.com gets snapped up by Fox for half a billion half a year ago, and suddenly, it’s the AAA farm team for News Corp.’s major entertainment leagues.

It sure makes better sense than hanging around the counter of Schwab’s Drugstore, waiting for Mervyn LeRoy to discover you.