Exclusive: LAT Buyouts

Three Pulitzer winners have turned in papers to take the buyouts at the LAT, according to LA Observed.

One, Sonia Nazario, confirmed the rumor that, yep, she’s one of them, telling FBLA:

Yes, I have put in for the buyout. My first book has done very well, and I am launching into a second book, and will continue giving talks at universities. Many have made Enrique’s Journey, which has been published in half a dozen languages around the world, into freshman read.

People don’t yet know if they have been accepted for the buyout, but if I am I will leave feeling great about a career at a wonderful place where I had smart, warm colleagues, a place that helped me do the kind of work that resulted in more than 60 awards since 1993. Thanks for asking, and I’m excited about being able to go into book writing full time!

She’d certainly be leaving on a high note. Good luck, Sonia!