Exclusive: ESPN: The Magazine To Move From New York To Connecticut

espn_7.2.10.jpgESPN: The Magazine is moving from its New York headquarters to Bristol, Connecticut this coming fall.

We were able to speak with someone from ESPN: The Magazine, who explained that the move didn’t exactly come as a complete surprise to staffers and that staffers have had some time to consider whether or not they will be moving along with the magazine.

Comments after the jump:

The writing’s been on the wall for months. The bosses have been very upfront about the possibility of a move, and gave us periodic updates that made it seem increasingly likely. So when they called a meeting today (replete with instructions for out-of-office staffers to call in) and told us for the first time that it was definitely happening, no one was surprised. They were matter-of-fact about it: We’re moving next July. There will be relocation allowances and, in some cases, incentives for people who go. There will be severance packages for people who don’t, but stay on staff until the end of the New York era. There will be understanding about people interviewing for jobs in the interim.

There has been a lot of office chatter about who will and won’t go for months, since the idea was first floated. A handful of people have convincingly said not a chance; others have already said they’re going. Most are in the middle: They don’t know what to do, or what their other options are, and they’re panicking to varying degrees. It’s clear that very few people actually want to go, but we’ve got a lot of staffers with families and such.

In short, strange times. The end of days is October, 2011. We’ll see how things unfold ’til then.