Exclusive Deal For MediaJobsDaily Readers: 25% Off Resume Writing Services

Note that this is presented without endorsement, as we are not customers of the following site; however, Resumewriting.com CEO Brian McCullough wanted MJD readers to be the first to see the site’s soft re-launch.

If you feel like your resume needs a lift and you don’t want to do it yourself, it’s always an option to pay a professional. So go to Resumewriting.com and enter the code mediajobs at checkout to get 25 percent off your entire order.

We would, of course, probably be fired (or strung up by our toenails or something—just kidding!) if we failed to mention that Mediabistro also offers resume writing services, which start juuust a little bit cheaper than ResumeWriting.com (but are even cheaper if you’re an AG member). However, ResumeWriting.com will do a LinkedIn profile and a few other things, and they say they have specialists in all sorts of industries so if you’re not in media but reading this blog for some reason anyway, go use the coupon code!

Again, legally bound to say that this isn’t an endorsement. But it’s a sale, and not a bad one either! Have at, folks.

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