Exclusive: Big Blue Bubble pivots to the mid-core market with new 6waves published titles

Big Blue Bubble is looking to branch out of its casual niche with Zoo Defenders and Raft Pirates — two new games the company is releasing under its partnership with mobile and social game publisher 6waves.

The London, Ontario-based company is primarily known as a family-friendly developer, having released more than 100 games for platforms ranging from feature phones to the Nintendo DS. Now that the company has transitioned almost entirely to iOS and Android development and signed on with 6waves, however, Big Blue Bubble is using the opportunity to delve into new genres, explains COO Claudette Critchley. Zoo Defenders is a tower defense title and Raft Pirates is an asynchronous strategy game.

“One of the key things for us is we’re always looking at expanding and 6waves has a lot of experience with social apps. They seemed like a really great partner for us at this time,” says Critchley. Big Blue Bubble was one of the first 16 developers 6waves announced in its debut slate of mobile publishing partnerships in March.

While Zoo Defenders blends its strategic tower defense gameplay with cute and family friendly graphics, Raft Pirates is much more mid-core aligned. The game challenges players to build a floating city and take it into battle against other players in order to loot supplies and treasure. According to Big Blue Bubble producer Dave Kerr, Raft Pirates takes its inspiration from the more serious social strategy games on Facebook and aims to reproduce those competitive elements in mobile, something he feels is currently lacking in the market.

Zoo Defenders will hit the iOS App Store this week, with Raft Pirates scheduled to follow in in July. Android versions of both games are currently in development. As part of its publishing deal, Big Blue Bubble is also re-releasing its older, casual-arcade game Fling-A-Thing under the 6waves banner. The game challenges players to fling aliens through a series of vertical levels, collecting coins and trying to go as high as possible. The game will be available on iOS this week and is already available in Google Play.