Exclusive: 5 Questions with Margi Conklin


Margi Conklin, the new editor of Page Six magazine, took time from her busy schedule — the mag debuts this Sunday — to answer FishbowlNY’s email questions.

1) Why is it that the Page Six brand has been able to attract luxury ads while celebrity weeklies haven’t?

Margi Conklin: Because of the great power and reach of the brand.

2) What will be the ultimate staff count at the magazine? (I think now the number is 20)

MC: We are in the ballpark now. Our final numbers remain unclear.

3) Gawker has rumored that the weekly columnist position pays a minimum of 100 K a year. Any truth to this? Is it in the ballpark?

MC: Nonsense.

4) It is said the New York Times magazine is your competitor. Any predictions on the fight?

MC: We’ll let the market decide.

5) Tell our readers what you envision Page Six magazine?

MC: Page Six Magazine — which is launching with 96 pages — will be driven by lifestyle, fashion and fun. And like the Post and Page Six, it will be an entertaining read.

(image via patrickmcmullen via radaronline)