EXCLUSIVE: 35,000 Shares of Twitter Move in Private Market

More than a million dollars in Twitter stock moves on under-the-radar quasi-stock exchange. More to come?

Facebook isn’t the only pre-IPO trading darling. SocialTimes just got word from private share trading company SharesPost that an auction in the microblogging company’s stock was just completed. The deal involved 35,000 shares of Series B Preferred Stock, with a final clearing price of $34.50.

This follows an interesting interview Reuters had with Twitter cofounder Biz Stone, who claimed that he has no interest in taking the company public anytime soon. Twitter, which has a recently reported implied valuation of $10 billion, has had its shares appear in SharesPost auctions before, though it hasn’t done so with the reported frequency or hype of Facebook shares (at least based on information I have seen from SharesPost). It is pretty interesting to see $1.2 million in Twitter transactions pounded out … even if it is only a hundredth of a percent of the company.

LinkedIn has already filed for its IPO, and the word is that Facebook will be doing so in 2012. Twitter, for all that’s being said to the public, is likely to be further in the future. If that is true, it will be interesting to see if SharesPost trading volume and values increase as an assumed liquidity even draws near.

That’s how an efficient market talks to us, right?