Excellent Mobile Browser Discussion & Developer Advice in A List Apart

If you have any interest in any combination of the current generation of mobile phone platforms and their associated web browsers, this article in A List Apart is a must read.

Smartphone Browser Landscape

It not only provides browser statistics (from StatCounter), it also provides an interesting assessment and ranking of the top four mobile browsers: Apple’s Safari mobile browser is a no-surprise #1 while RIM’s new BlackBerry WebKit for their OS6 or newer is #4.

Author Peter-Paul Koch provides a particularly interesting set of numbers comparing Windows 7 (the desktop OS, not the Windows Phone 7 platform) and Nokia’s phone sales. He notes that Microsoft sold 240 million units of Windows 7 in its first year of sales while Nokia sold 432 million phones in 2009 with nearly half of those phones having a browser. Despite selling over 200 million browser enabled phones, very little web traffic comes from Nokia phones.

Finally, there’s an interesting browser-by-browser discussion of several of the mobile web browsers and issues that should be noted by web developers looking at supporting multiple mobile platforms.