What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About RowFeeder

RowFeeder is designed to bring social media analysis into the familiar spreadsheet workflow. It tracks keywords on Twitter and Facebook, aggregating the matching posts and related data. Results are then made available for the user to download in raw format, as a rich Excel report with pre-populated graphs, or in real-time using Google docs spreadsheets.

After the jump – what you need to know about RowFeeder.

The application in a sentence

RowFeeder is a media monitoring solution built on Excel, allowing users to stay in their Excel workflow for reporting and analysis.

Ways the product benefits social media campaigns

  • Brand monitoring – RowFeeder tracks mentions of brands, products and competitors on Twitter and Facebook. Reports can be generated from the data to inform marketing campaigns, find customers and define strategy.
  • Campaign measurement – RowFeeder can be used to track and analyze activity for a specific campaign, often by monitoring a hash-tag.
  • Tracking contests and promotions – By tracking use of a hashtag on Twitter, users can aggregate contest entries, randomly select a winner and analyze the results.
  • Market research and analysis – RowFeeder can provide the data needed to create analyses to discover trends and gain customer insights.

Coolest feature

The ability to automatically generate native Excel files with pre-populated graphs, charts and pivot tables based on data. These Excel files have all the raw data collected plus prebuilt analysis, with the flexibility for users to slice and dice data to meet their specific needs and customize the look and feel.

Feature rundown

  • Using client defined keywords, RowFeeder aggregates all mentions from Twitter and public Facebook posts.
  • RowFeeder delivers Twitter and Facebook posts into a Google docs spreadsheet in real-time.

User profile

Brand managers, marketers, and social media managers at businesses of all sizes, along with agencies, researchers and analysts.

User review

At VaynerMedia, we help clients run a lot of campaigns on Twitter. This app [RowFeeder] has already saved us a ton of time and effort. Plus, fantastic customer service. – Sam Taggart, VaynerMedia


RowFeeder has a “freemium” subscription-based pricing model. Free plans allow for one search term and 500 posts per month. Free users can upgrade incrementally to buy additional capacity of up to 20 keywords and 100,000 posts per month. The company also offers an Enterprise plan offering additional customization, unlimited terms and scale to support volumes that may exceed one million posts per month.

Compared to competition

According to the company, “1) It is damn easy to use. No training required, no long ramp-up and no need to learn complex new technologies and workflows. 2) It is the only social media monitoring solution built on Excel, allowing users to stay in their Excel workflow for reporting and analysis. 3) It is cheaper – orders of magnitude cheaper than most competitors. This lets small businesses get value and large Enterprises collect high volume terms at a reasonable price.”

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