Examining the Forgotten: The Sorry State of Election Signage


Sure, the elections are over with, but now we get to live with them for the next seven weeks while all those signs, that the parties are supposed to pick up immediately, are forgotten about and slowly rot by the side of the road. So while they’re still fairly legible, we thought we’d pop up to Toronto to check on this post: “Design Daytripper: Election Signs,” which takes a look, candidate against candidate, side by side, to see who hired the better designers. They start off strong, but by the end, the signs are really typical, and therefore, really horrible.

John Colautti out in Parkdale is running multiple different signs around his ward. It’s as though competition wasn’t hard enough and he’s decided to compete against himself. From a design standpoint, this is always a dangerous strategy. Branding your campaign with a specific colour or look is usually more effective than Colautti’s scattershot approach. (Otherwise, giant corporations wouldn’t spend so much time reinforcing their brands.) However, let’s give him a few points as among the few to include a candidate photo.