Examiner.com Gets Legitimate With Reuters Deal

Score another victory for freelancers—though full-time journalists might have yet another reason to panic.

Thomson Reuters has partnered with the fast-growing Examiner.com, one of a handful of media companies that employs thousands of freelance bloggers and journalists to produce thousands of search engine–friendly articles. The Colorado-based Examiner.com specializes in local content, churning out 3,000 articles a day in 233 U.S. markets.

Starting next year, Reuters will begin delivering to its publishing partners local-oriented tips and full articles from Examiner.com’s 65,000 contributors, which will complement Reuters’ own local content.

The two companies will share in licensing revenue from the deal. From Examiners.com’s point of view, however, the primary motivators for the pact are increased distribution and traffic. Examiner.com also will be able to post articles from Reuters on its site.

Yet perhaps most important to Examiner.com executives is the legitimacy this deal brings to the company’s model, which is sometimes compared to businesses like Demand Media.

“What this says is . . . Reuters wanted to serve their customers with this kind of specialized content and they chose us,” said Examiner.com CEO Rick Blair.