Examiner Loses ‘Ace’ to Politico

The Washington Examiner is losing White House correspondent Julie Mason to Politico. She’ll be a full-time White House blogger for Politico.

See Editor Stephen Smith’s “poignant” (seriously) announcement letter…

I regret to announce that Julie Mason, our ace White House correspondent since October 2008, is leaving us to join Politico as a full-time White House blogger.

Her departure is especially poignant for me because we worked together for three years in the Washington bureau of the Houston Chronicle. When she came here, The Washington Examiner was just finding its footing, and she did as much as anyone to put the paper on the map — at the White House and across the nation.

She wrote about the presidency with keen insight and high humor, and her legendary speed on deadline enabled us cover late press conferences and political conventions even when we had early closes.

In the newsroom, Julie brought laughter and a spirit of camaraderie, and she showed young reporters what it meant to be a real pro.

Even back at the Chronicle, Julie was a superb blogger — she coined the name “Beltway Confidential,” which we shamelessly appropriated — and her posts were full of imaginative touches, arch observations, and revealing photographs.

She will bring all this and more to Politico, which is lucky to have her.

Please join me in wishing her the very best.

Cheers, Steve