Examiner Fills Klopott’s Big Shoes Quickly

Well that was fast. This morning the Washington Examiner‘s Freeman Klopott announced the news that he was resigning and moving to Albany to work for Bloomberg News. Examiner Editor Stephen Smith says he will miss the reporter’s “gaudy tie collection” among other things. This afternoon the Examiner is on the ball and has already filled the City Hall beat with Liz Farmer, who has worked for the publication for two years. Farmer’s position will also soon be filled. An announcement is expected within a few days. There is no job opening.

We are by no means suggesting that Farmer’s legs are hairy.

See Smith’s internal memo…

First the bad news. Freeman Klopott, our ace City Hall reporter, is leaving the Washington Examiner to work for Bloomberg News in Albany, covering Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the state legislature. Freeman came to the Examiner nearly four years ago after earning his master’s in journalism at Medill and working at the Keene (N.H.) Sentinel. He made his name in town covering cops for the Crime & Punishment page, then began patrolling the Wilson Building last summer.

He set the standard for coverage of the mayor’s race between Adrian Fenty and Vincent Gray, and since then has chronicled the irregularities and investigations that have bedeviled the District’s highest officials. He added to the tumult by breaking stories on everything from conflicts of interest on the D.C. alcohol control board to illegal pay raises awarded by Mayor Gray. His talent, good humor, and gaudy tie collection will be sorely missed.

Now for the good news. His replacement at City Hall is Liz Farmer, who has graced our pages with perceptive stories about development and demographics in the Washington region. This summer, for instance, she has written cover stories on rising unemployment in the area, the impact of aging Baby Boomers on the suburbs, the struggle to save D.C.’s historic buildings, and the Asian population boom in Northern Virginia. She also has been a go-to reporter on major stories, most recently last week’s earthquake.

Liz joined the Examiner two years ago after covering business for The Daily Record in Baltimore and the Maryland state house for Capital News Service. She graduated form George Washington University and earned a master’s in journalism at the University of Maryland. We have every confidence she will fill Freeman’s big shoes downtown – and we are comforted knowing she will leave his ties behind.

Cheers, Steve