Examiner.com Named as Launch Partner for Facebook Commenting Plug-In

Local news network Examiner.com will be a key launch partner for Facebook’s new Commenting Plug-In, which incorporates comments from the News Feed on the social network into the comment threads of publishers and Web sites, as well as adding replies to comments on those sites to the News Feed.

The collaboration will allow users to comment under their true identities, increasing engagement. Comments on Examiner.com stories will be published to friends on Facebook, and friends’ comments on the Facebook News Feed will appear in the comment threads for Examiner.com articles.

The Commenting Plug-In also offers moderation tools, with every comment having the option of being either public (all users) or private (only the commenter and friends).

Examiner.com senior vice president of content, community, and marketing Suzie Austin said:

This is another exciting evolution of the Examiner.com community and the conversations taking place on our site. This plug-in will allow our Examiners and their engaged readers to connect to each other on the topics and information that is relevant to them and their cities like never before. To be a launch partner for this new enhancement with Facebook underscores the value of Examiner.com and the meaningful content and conversations that are taking place among our 25 million monthly readers and our 70,000 contributors.

CEO Rick Blair added:

Facebook is the social-media leader in connecting people and sparking high-quality interaction, and Examiner.com is the leader in connecting people to the topics and information they are passionate about. Not only are we excited to see our engagement increase by this natural pairing, but very pleased that Facebook saw the great fit in our model to select us as one of the sites to showcase this exciting new feature.

david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.