Ex-Wonkette Staffers Start Rival Blog


Two former Wonkette writers are teaming up with the assistant editor of Gawker Media travel blog Gridskipper to start a rival political blog.

The new blog, The Cynics’ Party, is written by ex-Wonkette associate editor Megan Carpentier, former Gawker guest editor/current Wonkette intern Greg Wasserstrom and Gridskipper assistant editor Hunter Walker.

Carpentier has also announced that she just landed a temporary gig as a guest blogger for Radar and as a live-blogger for Glamour mag’s new Glamocracy political site.

We’re looking forward to it.

(ObDisclaimer: The writer of this piece is a former Wonkette intern and guest editor/contributor at Gridskipper)

(Image via The Huffington Post)