Ex-Rocky Staffers Are So Not Giving Up

The latest update in the Rocky Mountain News/InDenverTimes saga (remember, ex-Rocky staffers were working on InDenverTimes without pay til the site’s proposed May 4 launch, when in late April the IDT investors decided not to move forward with the project since it got fewer than 10% of its projected subscribers—but kept the domain name and the site alive)..phew, what a mouthful.

The latest update in the saga is that David Milstead, former business writer for the Rocky, and Steve Foster, who was to be INDT’s managing editor, are now planning to launch a different news site, called Rocky Mountain Independent. It’s expected to debut this summer, reports Westword. More former Rocky staffers (and INDT exiles) have signed up to be a part of the new site, too.

Will this site be an InDenverTimes all over again? Not so, says Foster. “We will have enough money to launch one way or another,” he told Westword. “It’s not a go or no-go based on whether we get enough members. We will go.”