Ex-Rep. Kennedy: ‘I Felt Like a Loser’

As we told you last week, former Rep. Patrick Kennedy won’t be coming clean with a new book scheduled for release in November that he had planned to write with ex-WaPo gossip scribe Mary Ann Akers. The working title was Coming Clean. But this weekend, CNN’s Sanjay Gupta is doing something clever. He’s capitalizing on the book title and will run a documentary he produced with the former lawmaker called – you guessed it –  “Coming Clean.”

The doc will premiere on Sunday at 7 p.m. ET.

Gupta, a practicing neurosurgeon, talks with Kennedy about his goal to fund research in the areas of Alzheimer’s Disease, mental illness and addiction. CNN is pegging this as “deeply personal.” They say Kennedy speaks candidly about the “stigma” he felt growing up with depression as a member of his famously-accomplished family.  He also talks about his many times in rehab. “I felt like a loser…I felt like…‘I’m not living up.  What a shame.’ You know, ‘I’m a shame on my family by needing – treatment, for getting mental health treatment,”  says Kennedy to Gupta in the documentary.

Kennedy tells Gupta he opted not to run for reelection because he wanted to pursue a steady recovery — something he says being in office wouldn’t allow.

Caleb Hellerman and Danielle Dellorto are senior producers for “Coming Clean.”  Roni Selig is the senior executive producer for the CNN Medical, Health, and Wellness unit.  Watch a preview video here.