Ex-Politico’s Williams Claims Story Was ‘One-Sided’

Ex-Politico White House Correspondent Joe Williams once again resurrected his Twitter account last night to try to cast doubt on a story FBDC broke Wednesday on his pleading guilty to second degree assault against his ex-wife, author Amy Alexander. First off, he strangely declared that the conservative publication Free Beacon wrote the story and proceeded to link to the FBDC piece. The assault took place in February of 2012. In May Williams pled guilty and according to court documents remains on probation until Nov. 24, 2012. Coming up: Williams just informed Mediabistro that he plans to issue a statement regarding the dispute with his ex-wife.

A sampling of his tweets:

  • ex-wife, jackass – and I was not convicted, only accused. typical conservative: light on the facts @Conservative419 @politico
  • @SHannitysHair it ain’t so – they got half the story, and weren’t interested in balance or context.

Memo to Williams: Half the story? We based what we wrote on Silver Spring District Court documents. And not convicted? You weren’t convicted because you pled guilty and pleaded out a number of charges. And balance and context? We phoned you, your ex-wife and your lawyer. You chose not to comment. Your lawyer never returned the call. Your ex-wife refused to comment. There aren’t many more sides than four: You, her, your lawyer, and the court.

Note to reader: Please note in that second tweet by Williams, he is not calling his wife a jackass. Rather, he is calling one of the many angry readers who wrote him online a “jackass.”