Ex-Partying TNR Scribe to Host Boozy Book Bash

Sacha Scoblic isn’t the first journalist to admit she has a problem with alcohol, although at one point she was trying her damnedest to win the prize for wildest addict in town. She was a work-hard, play harder TNR editor who wound up in unusual situations like at a drug house with prostitutes one night with no conceivable way to get home. In her newly published memoir, Unwasted: My Lush Sobriety, she writes about the graphic details of her partying in Washington that eventually led her to a new way of life. This book is as much about her sober life as it is her drunk one. She writes, “It’s about what happened when I put down the bottle, when I got unwasted.”

Perhaps most surprising then is her decision to host an alcohol-laden party this Wednesday that boasts a variety of cocktails. She’s evidently not following in the footsteps of newly recovered Entourage’s Vince Chase, who, in Sunday’s episode, had friends throw him a sober party. (Well, minus the beer in the bushes.)

A party reminder from Scoblic: This is a reminder that the UNWASTED Book Launch Party will take place Wednesday, July 27th at 6:00 PM, There will be food, iced paletas, mocktails, and cocktails!”

How she can cope with a boozy party? “On the cocktails: I actually intend to say something about that at the party. The idea is that I don’t impose my disease on other people. As for handling it, some days are better than others, but the better days are winning the longer I stay sober. The party is going to be really fun.”

Please note: This is a private invitation-only party.