Ex-‘NOTW’ Staffers Offered Jobs in Siberia, Dubai

Most posts are non-editorial and abroad

When News of the World shut its doors on July 10, former News International CEO Rebekah Brooks promised its 283 now-unemployed staffers that many would be offered new jobs within News Corp. But according to the Guardian, many ex-employees are “underwhelmed” by the list of potential jobs—if only because they don’t want to relocate to Siberia. Literally.

According to the former News of the World staffers, who reportedly received lists of potential jobs in one-on-one meetings, most are either non-editorial or require a move abroad to places like Finland or Dubai. Listed posts included “symbology analyst—Russian language” for Dow Jones and “material manager” for Fox in Siberia.

Other jobs in IT or commercial departments for companies like HarperCollins or Fox in the U.S. also failed to impress the ex-staff, which includes 160 journalists. According to the Guardian, only six jobs on the list are even comparable to what the journalists were doing at the News of the World—three of them at The Sun and three of them at the News of the World's Fabulous magazine, which is now being published with the Saturday edition of The Sun.

Meanwhile, Silverman Sherliker, the law firm hoping to launch a class action against the News of the World, said it has been contacted by 40 former employees worried they’ll be “stigmatized” due to their ties to the disgraced tabloid and so unable to find employment elsewhere. The firm is hoping to prove that working for an organization can cause damage, even when an individual isn’t guilty of wrongdoing.