Ex-Idol Contestant Comes Out On Sirius


RJ Helton, the 25-year-old former American Idol contestant, came out of the closet publicly for the first time ever yesterday — Wednesday, October 18, 2006 — to host Larry Flick on Flick’s show OutQ in the Morning on SIRIUS OutQ, the gay channel on SIRIUS Satellite Radio. Helton was a top five finalist on season one of American Idol. SIRIUS OutQ is the gay channel on SIRIUS Satellite Radio.

LARRY FLICK: What made you decide not to do inspirational music anymore?

RJ HELTON: … the industry has just really jaded me … I can have a faith but can’t be who I want to be or who I feel that I am … so a lot of it was just personal things I needed to overcome and just be proud of who I was … just because I am gay does not mean I can’t love God.

LARRY FLICK: Well there you go … congratulations. This is something that I wasn’t sure you were going to talk about on the air today so what made you decide to come out?

RJ HELTON: Today … this morning … 3 seconds ago. I’ve never even said that. It feels good.

LARRY FLICK: Does it feel good?

RJ HELTON: It does feel great. It feels good. I’m just really comfortable with who I am now. I’m very proud of who I am.


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