Ex-CWA Staffer Writes Tales Of The Union

Embedded With Organized Labor” is a series of essays on union organization now and in the past. The author, Steve Early, is a former staff member at Communications Workers of America. The book, though it has an incredibly boring title, “provides ideas and inspiration for union activists and friends of labor alike.”

Early covers all sorts of unions—miners, steelworkers, and even serviceworkers. So while not everything in the book is applicable to newspaper guilds, we’re sure, the fact that news guilds have had their memberships decimated in recent months means that there’s probably plenty of room for education and strategizing amongst those who are left. In fact, Early thinks union education is sorely limited:

“Major unions have scaled back their education departments, and the AFL-CIO closed its down. Much “leadership training” today is focused on grievance-handling, contract negotiations, and union administration, with sub-specialties being the mechanics of political action and organizing…Union educators should, wherever possible, incorporate books on strikes, organizing, labor history, political economy, and social policy into membership education.”