eWallet Viewer for Android Updated

There’s only one thing I use a Windows Mobile phone for these days: To run eWallet from Ilium Software. eWallet provides an easy to use encrypted database where you can store important information such as passwords. I’ve been using it continously since eWallet first became available in the late 1990s. They don’t have a full app for Android yet. Howver, a viewer app is available. This was just updated this week.
Just Updated: eWallet Viewer for Android
I still haven’t tried eWallet for Android or iPhone because both need to sync with eWallet on a PC running Windows. This means I would have to sync my Windows Mobile phone with that client (I have not done that in many years) and then create a sync for both my iPhone and Android phones. There are too many moving parts and the possibility for a sync issue in this scenario. Years of dealing with Microsoft ActiveSync has left me gunshy when faced with the possibility of creating sync havoc. For years I’ve simply been moving the single eWallet binary database file form one smartphone to another (a simple file copy with no sync involved) as I migrated to the new phone of the day. That’s how I want to migrate to Android and iPhone too: File copy, not sync.