eWallet Go Is Updated And Goes On Sale

An unfortunate consequence of the Internet is the multitude of user ids and passwords one has to keep track of, therefore I have found it necessary to maintain a database on my smartphone of web sites and my user id and passwords for the sites. Several apps are available for storing login information on smartphones, and one of my favorites is eWallet from Ilium Software.

Two versions of eWallet are available, eWallet Go, which securely stores information using pre-defined cards, and eWallet, which enables you to create your own card layouts and directly synchronize data with a PC. While eWallet has been around for many years, eWallet Go is newer and is available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 7 smartphones, as well as Windows and OS X. You can share information between smartphones and desktop computers via Google Docs or Dropbox.

A new version of eWallet Go is now available for iOS and Windows that supports auto synchronization. In previous versions you had to manually initiate the synchronization of the data on the device with the data on Google Docs or Dropbox. The auto sync feature automatically syncs the data with the online services whenever a change is made and when you start the app.

To celebrate the new version Ilium Software is running a sale, with all the smartphone versions priced at $.99, marked down from their regular $4.99 price. Better yet, the desktop versions (Windows or Mac) are free. The smartphone versions are available in their respective app stores, the OS version is available in the Mac App Store, and the Windows version is available for download from Ilium Software’s web site.

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