eWallet GO! for Windows Phone: Good But Not Ready for Primetime for Current eWallet Users

In discussing the freshly released Kindle for Windows Phone 7 yesterday, I noted a short list of apps that I hoped would be ported to Windows Phone 7 soon. One of the apps in the list was Ilium Software’s eWallet which I’ve been using since version 1.0 for Windows CE Handheld PCs in the 90s. So, I was very excited to read this announcement in Ilium’s blog.

eWallet GO! for Windows Phone 7

Unfortunately, this first release is not quite ready for prime-time if you are a current eWallet user. As Ilium clearly says in their advice page for people like me:

eWallet GO! for Windows Phone 7 does not synchronize with eWallet 7. We hope to release a free conversion tool soon that will allow customers to move wallets from eWallet 7 on Windows PC to eWallet GO! on their Windows Phone 7 device.

In other words, I can’t move the hundreds of pieces of information I’ve been storing in eWallet for well over a decade now. So close and yet so far. However, I’m hoping Ilium will get this sorted out in the months to come (sooner, I hope).

The app is priced at $4.99 and available in the Microsoft Windows Phone Marketplace.

eWallet GO! product page