eWallet 6.1.6 for iPhone OS 3.0 Available to Secure Your Information

Screenshot courtesy of Ilium Software

eWallet fans waiting for the iPhone OS 3.0 compatibile version of the inforamtion encrypting app can relax now. Here’s the good news from Ilium’s blog…

eWallet for iPhone OS 3.0 is Out!

The iTunes App Store shows the $9.99 apps’ version as 6.1.6 with a June 27 release (time lag). So, it looks like eWallet made it through the process and is available now.

Although I use my iPhone for almost all my mobile data related tasks these days, I still use the Windows Mobile version of eWallet for my day to day needs (and I do use it daily). I’m planning to switch back to a Windows Mobile smartphone as my primary voice phone. So, I don’t see a stong need to switch to the iPhone version at the moment.

But, if you are in need for a password manager for your iPhone, eWallet is probably worth taking a look at. I’ve used versions for Windows Mobile (Windows CE) for over a decade now and can atest to its usefulness.